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Eviction Checks for Landlords

A tenant screening tool that helps you check a renter’s background all online!

Starting At $25 per screen

  • Credit Based ResidentScore
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Credit Reporting by TransUnion
  • Add Eviction Report and Full Credit Report +$10

Is there anything more painful than evicting a tenant?

Did you know that on average:

- It costs $3500* to evict a tenant
- It takes 3-4 weeks* to evict a tenant
*Based on 2013 TransUnion data

In some states these numbers are even worse. As a property owner or manager, that's not a risk you want to take. SmartMove's newest feature: the eviction report, can help you predict future behavior by knowing your tenant's past history. 

TransUnion’s eviction check capabilities offer comprehensive and more accurately matched search results:

• Ability to more accurately match your applicant to eviction record, even with limited information. We do this by using our credit, personal, and address history databases to help figure out who is who.

• One of the largest evictions databases with 25+ million eviction records, covering all 50 states plus Washington D.C.

The equation is simple: More coverage + More accurate matching = Better information delivered to you fast. And with better information, you can make better decisions to manage your eviction risk.

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